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Specializing in formed metal solutions.

The Jobal Difference

Jobal has established itself as a world-class manufacturing facility boasting best-in-class cold formed, screw machined, and custom metal products for various industries.

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Industries We Serve

Automotive & Specialty Vehicles

As a recognized leader in automotive and heavy truck parts manufacturing, Jobal has the experience and capability of producing a range of components for ICE, BEV, E-FUEL and Hydrogen powered vehicles, from concept and prototype to full production. Also experienced with manufacturing components for specialty and recreational vehicles such as ATV's, UTV's and Marine crafts.


Machine formed parts are used in a variety of construction applications such as, HVAC, MEP, wall panels, roof trusses, floor systems, and foundation walls. They are used to create custom structural and architectural features such as decorative columns, arches, and mouldings.


The medical industry relies heavily on metal components for a wide range of applications, including implants, surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and monitoring devices.

Renewable Energy

Steel manufactured components are increasingly being used in the renewable resources industry to produce high-quality components such as solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric power systems and synthetic fuel production facilities.

Aerospace & Defence

One of the primary benefits of using specialty metals in the aerospace industry is the ability to produce complex and lightweight parts with high strength, precision and consistency. These components are manufactured using advanced techniques and computer-controlled machinery.


Fasteners and decorative parts are used in the furniture industry to produce high-quality pieces quickly and efficiently. Formed components are also used in the hardware industry to produce a wide range of products such as decorative hinges and locks.

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